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Each woman must really want healthy skin and manicured. Facial treatments starting from the morning before the move, with washing face using warm water and soap washing the face with a special gel or cream form. Avoid using an ordinary bar soap for menadi because it can cause the skin to become dry. Noteworthy is, if your skin feels dry, or Dry gently patted with a towel.

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Use a moisturizing cream that suits the needs of the skin and environmental conditions. If you frequently exposed to sunlight exposure use a moisturizer that comes with a protective ultraviolet with SPF 15 for maximum results. Likewise, if you often are air-conditioned environment is needed so that facial moisturizing dry skin. Do not forget, always use a moisturizer made from natural ingredients.

Once completed the move, immediately clean the face thoroughly. Especially if you use make-up. Make sure there are no traces of makeup left on your face. Because the waste materials that are not cleaned it too long will block the pores so that the face will cause pimples or blackheads.

If you are having difficulty in cleaning the eye make-up section such as eye shadow or eye liner, use baby oil for baby oil is not harmful to the skin, then wash the face using warm water as usual, so that facial cleanliness had more leverage.

Do facials regularly to remove dead skin cells on the face causing the face look dull. The series of facial treatments include a scrub (exfoliate dead skin), steam (to eliminate blackheads and pimples), massage (to facilitate the circulation of blood), and the mask (to tighten facial skin).

But not only from the outside only care that we need to consider, but is supported by a healthy lifestyle, such as sleep patterns, and food intake. Moreover, the face is a mirror that can tell the health condition or the nature of people who have it.

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