The Serving food principle

Serving food is one of the principles of food hygiene and sanitation. Serving food that is not good and ethical, not only can reduce one's appetite but can also be a cause of bacterial contamination. Some things must be considered in preparing the food in accordance with the principles of food hygiene and sanitation are as follows: presentation of the food-

1. The principle means that every type of food container is placed in a separate container and cultivated closed. The goal is
a. Not cross-contaminated food
b. When a tainted the other can be secured
c. Prolong-eat foods according to the level of food insecurity.
2. The principle means that the placement of the water content of foods containing high water content (juices, milk) on the eve of the new blended to prevent food served quickly broken. Food prepared in a high water content (in soup) more easily become corrupted (stale)
3. Principle means any edible part in the presentation of the material presented is a food that is edible. Avoid the use of materials harmful to health such as iron steples, toothpick or the plastic flowers.
4. The separation principle means food that is not placed in containers such as food in a box (boxes) or hamper any type of food should be separated so as not to mix with each other. The goal is to avoid cross-contamination.
5. Heat the principle that every presentation is served hot, still cultivated in hot conditions such as soup, curry, etc.. To set the temperature to note the temperature of food before it is placed in a food warmer should still be above 600 C. The best tool to maintain the temperature of the presentation is with the bean merry (renderer hot tub)
6. The principle of clean equipment means any equipment used crate containers and lids, boxes, dishes, cups, bowls must be clean and in good condition. Meaning had been washed clean with a hygienic manner. Both the meaning intact, not damaged or defective and used. The goal is to prevent disease transmission and provide an aesthetic appearance.
7. The principle of handling means any food handling or eating utensils are not in direct contact with members of the body especially the hands and lips. The goal is:
a. Prevent pollution of the body
b. Giving the appearance of a polite, nice and neat

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