ideal body shape


1. Eating patterns of discipline, which means eating 5-6x a day, high protein, low carbohydrate and low fat. The goal is to increase metabolism and sharpen our muscle mass.
 2. The pattern of regular exercise, meaning exercise in a week flat menu for all parts of our muscles. For example we want to shape your abdominal muscles but still need to pay attention to leg exercise. Also, try to always precede the big muscles (chest, back, shoulders, legs) a new small muscles (arm, abdomen and calf) when trained in 1 session.
 3. Get plenty of rest pattern, meaning that we destroy the muscle in training sessions and break repair our muscles become bigger and stronger. So the quality and quantity of the high break will help us achieve the goal.   4. Supplements are telling pattern, which means that we must choose the type of jelly supplements that will help our program. For example in a Six Pack program, which is needed is a protein supplement (either Amino or Whey Protein) and fat-burning (Ultra Ripped Fast Acting Formula or Red Zone.)

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