Overcoming Addictions Cigarette

If we are addicted to cigarettes that name, it's hard to stop. But if we do feelsmoking is not beneficial, why smoking is forwarded again. We must try to stop the cigarettes that are clearly detrimental for the health of the smoker himself,also to the people around smokers. In addition smoking may also interfere withthe family finances.
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Here are tips to quit smoking, may help:

* The willingness or strong intention to quit smoking, then make a commitmentwith yourself to quit smoking.
* Keep away from friends who were smoking cigarettes or builders, and alsokeep it away from the smoking area.
* Keep away from things that remind the desire to smoke such as lighters andcigarettes.
* Divert the desire to smoke with little food or sucking candy instead ofsmoking, every time it comes the desire to smoke.
* Forget the desire to smoke to multiply the activity, such as working,exercising, playing games, and so on.
* If you have difficulty to directly stop completely, start by reducing the number of cigarettes. For example, if before you smoke 12 sticks a day, cut into 10 bars, 6 bars and so on until you actually stop smoking.

Benefits of green tea

Benefits of green tea 

Savor tea for health has been known for thousands of years ago. In scientific research, discovered the usefulness of tea in pharmacology to the human body. Due to various types of chemical compounds such as amino acids, alkaloids pure, aromatic substances and vitamins. 
Vitamin C content in tea is higher compared to the existing content in apples, tomatoes and lime juice. While the B12 size 10-20 times higher than that found in cereals and vegetables, and components are not easily available in other foods. 
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Tea contains the amino acids needed by the body, rich in minerals and various vitamins. A tea drinker who regularly drank tea with a dose of rational, will get a regular supply of nutrients for the body and cause the formation of natural immunity. 
From the results of research in the Soviet Union of green tea and black tea, serves as one of the elements that can help so as not susceptible to disease. 
Chinnese expert researchers from the Academy of Preventife Medicine in China, after studying 17 types of tea can be proved that tea can slow the formation of nitrosamines in the body. In addition, some elements in tea can detect the development of tumor cells found in some parts of the human body. 

Compounds in tea and its function: 1. Catechin      Lowering cholesterol levels      Lowering blood pressure and blood sugar levels      Anti-cancer, anti-mutant factor      Helps the kidneys work to prevent the occurrence of gallstones 2. Polyphenols / tannins
     Facilitate digestion, kills bacteria dysentery      Have anti-oxidant functions     Dissolve fat 3. Caffeine (Theophyiline Theobromine)     Stimulates the central nervous     Improving blood circulation, helps kidney function     Increasing concentrations 4. ESSENCE OIL
    Facilitate the digestion and dissolves fat
Source of tea aroma 5. Flavanols
Strengthens blood vessels, has an antioxidant function 6. Fluoride (Menganese, Zinc, Potassium
    Preventing tooth decay


Many ways can be done to determine the body's hydration status. Of course, each method has advantages and drawbacks. The means include: 

   1. measure total body water by dilution
2. measure osmolality and plasma volume
3. urine concentration
4. bioelectrical impedance, and
5. measurement of body mass.

Although the way is very sophisticated and precise to determine the hydration status of the body, but difficult and expensive to do at any time. 

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Well, there is a practical and easy and no cost that can be done anytime and anywhere, whether at home or at work. The trick is to compare the color of our urine with a row of colors in props (check your own urine). By using this ,then we can immediately correct when the body has not been well hydrated by drinking water consumed immediately clean, safe, and healthy.

Water and Cancer Malignancy

By: dr. Fiastuti Witjaksono, MS, SpGK - PDGMI Jaya 

Cancer malignancy 

Can not be denied again that cancer is a disease that is very scary for everyone. This disease can affect anyone, all ages, elderly, young children too, as well as any socio-economic groups, rich and poor. In the world of cancer is the number two cause of death after heart disease and blood vessel (cardiovascular). In Indonesia, health research data base (Riskesdas) in 2007 to get the incidence of cancer is approximately 4 persons per 1000 population and mortality due to cancer was ranked seventh. 

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), approximately 30% of cancers are caused by unhealthy lifestyles, including the overweight, unhealthy diet and lack of physical activity and smoking habits. Based on data from Hospital Information System (SIRS) in 2007, breast cancer ranks first in hospitalized patients in all hospitals in Indonesia and the next is cervical cancer. 
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Until now, the exact causes of cancer is unknown. Therefore, the prevention of various risk factors should be done. From an early age, every individual is expected to practice clean and healthy lifestyle, among others: 

   1. Eat a balanced nutritional patterns, namely the consumption of a variety of food, in sufficient quantities at each meal and the regular schedule of meals in a day; 
   2. Avoid non-food materials harmful such as cigarettes, alcohol, preservatives, substances perwarna, food flavoring substances, etc.; 
   3. Doing regular physical activity in at least 30 minutes a day; 
   4. Abstain from physical stress, mental and social; 
   5. Consuming water to help remove harmful substances from the body. 


Two-thirds of the human body consists of water. Humans will be able to live quite a long time without food, but humans can not live without water only for b ome day. Each cell in the human body functions will be affected by water. In general, water in the human body functions to: 

   1. Remove toxins 
   2. Transporting food and oxygen 
   3. Maintain body temperature 
   4. Lubricate joints 
   5. Protects organs and tissues 
   6. Controlling blood pressure 

Lack of water in the body (dehydration) is the main factor causing various diseases. Here is the result of dehydration: 

   1. can cause the formation of active substances that harm the cell body (free radicals) that cause various diseases, including cancer. 
   2. compounds can cause the cell's genetic ability of the body (DNA) to repair damage to cells is reduced. 
   3. can lead to lower resistance resulting menurunnnya cells' ability to define, refine and destroy the abnormal cells. 
   4. can inhibit the transport of oxygen in an attempt to kill cancer cells. 

Thus, it is clear that the adequacy of the water body is needed to keep the cells can function optimally in order to prevent the occurrence of various diseases, including cancer. 

face bright

Each woman must really want healthy skin and manicured. Facial treatments starting from the morning before the move, with washing face using warm water and soap washing the face with a special gel or cream form. Avoid using an ordinary bar soap for menadi because it can cause the skin to become dry. Noteworthy is, if your skin feels dry, or Dry gently patted with a towel.

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Use a moisturizing cream that suits the needs of the skin and environmental conditions. If you frequently exposed to sunlight exposure use a moisturizer that comes with a protective ultraviolet with SPF 15 for maximum results. Likewise, if you often are air-conditioned environment is needed so that facial moisturizing dry skin. Do not forget, always use a moisturizer made from natural ingredients.

Once completed the move, immediately clean the face thoroughly. Especially if you use make-up. Make sure there are no traces of makeup left on your face. Because the waste materials that are not cleaned it too long will block the pores so that the face will cause pimples or blackheads.

If you are having difficulty in cleaning the eye make-up section such as eye shadow or eye liner, use baby oil for baby oil is not harmful to the skin, then wash the face using warm water as usual, so that facial cleanliness had more leverage.

Do facials regularly to remove dead skin cells on the face causing the face look dull. The series of facial treatments include a scrub (exfoliate dead skin), steam (to eliminate blackheads and pimples), massage (to facilitate the circulation of blood), and the mask (to tighten facial skin).

But not only from the outside only care that we need to consider, but is supported by a healthy lifestyle, such as sleep patterns, and food intake. Moreover, the face is a mirror that can tell the health condition or the nature of people who have it.

Diet for Blood Type O

Diet based on blood type was first introduced by Dr. Peter J.D 'Adamo in his book, Eat Right For Your Type, published in 1996.The contents of the book explains that everyone has a different response to food intake based on blood type they have. That's why certain types of diets can not be applied to everyone.
Diet based on blood type was first introduced by Dr. Peter J.D 'Adamo in his book, Eat Right For Your Type, published in 1996.The contents of the book explains that everyone has a different response to food intake based on blood type they have. That's why certain types of diets can not be applied to everyone.

Hunter True TypeIn his book Dr. Peter J.D 'Adamo said that based on the historical evolution of about 50,000 to 25,000 years BC, human ancestors had the same blood type, namely O. They are true hunters who eat meat are always ravin. For that Dr. Peter J.D 'Adamo recommends that owners of O blood group eat more foods high in protein, low carbohydrate diet followed by lots of eating meat or fish but avoid dairy products and wheat.
Owner blood type O are free to consume meat and fish mixed with olive oil. In addition, free to consume eggs, nuts, but should limit fruit. While the food should be completely avoided is a cereal, various types of pasta and rice. To get the maximum stamina Dr. Peter J.D 'Adamo recommends to perform a movement similar to aerobic exercise movement of the hunters.
Characteristic of blood group O• Have an immune system that is higher than other blood types.• Adaptable to a variety of foods on the environment is occupied.• To cope with stress are advised to do aerobic.• It is advisable to eat foods high in protein and low in carbohydrates, such as meat, fruit, fish, vegetables.• If the food consumed is not appropriate, then you are at risk of disease caused by inflammation and damage to organs such as arthritis.
Diet is recommended:• Breakfast: 2 slices of buttered toast layered fruit + One Banana• Snack lunch: Herbal teas• Lunch: A piece of roast beef + + Apple Spinach Salad• Afternoon Snack: A piece of cake• Dinner: A piece of lamb and asparagus boiled potatoes boiled + + + Fruit Herbal Tea

Menstrual agglomerate sign DISEASE?

The amount of blood, even the color and consistency of menstrual blood each cycle can vary, and it is more often the norm / normal. In the menstrual cycle, the endometrial lining (inner wall of the uterus) to thicken and during menstruation ,along with menstrual blood. The amount is about 30-80 ml per cycle.

Many women are menstrual blood contain clots, blood clots can be bright red or dark red-black and usually come out during most menstrual blood. When many blood clots, menstrual blood color will appear darker. Every now and then got my period with clotted blood that should not make sense to worry too much, but if too long / each cycle, then the state of anemia (anemia) can occur.

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Sometimes a blood clot showed the pathological (caused by a disease / condition is not normal), among others:
- Our bodies release an anticoagulant that causes menstrual blood is not clotted, but if menstrual blood is very much and fast discharge, anticoagulation was not functioning and menstrual blood to be clotted.
- Miscarriage, often a woman does not realize the missed period, and there is such a miscarriage. Usually, clotted blood and tissues contain. When the discharge of blood clots with tissue will feel pain.
- Benign tumors of the uterus (myoma uteri), which is located inside the uterus and cause broader endometrial surface often cause more menstrual blood, clotted and painful.
- Adenomyosis, pathological changes in the uterine muscle that causes the uterus to dilate and uterine muscle contraction impaired.
- Infection of the womb, often causing irregular periods and longer.
- Hormonal disorders, can occur anytime during the reproductive period of women, but more often around the age of menopause, a drastic change in weight / sudden, the side effects of medication, especially steroids.
- Obstruction of menstrual blood flow, so that the blood clotted before exiting, for example, there is a polyp in the neck / cervix, or infection causing the blockage.

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