Overcoming Addictions Cigarette

If we are addicted to cigarettes that name, it's hard to stop. But if we do feelsmoking is not beneficial, why smoking is forwarded again. We must try to stop the cigarettes that are clearly detrimental for the health of the smoker himself,also to the people around smokers. In addition smoking may also interfere withthe family finances.
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Here are tips to quit smoking, may help:

* The willingness or strong intention to quit smoking, then make a commitmentwith yourself to quit smoking.
* Keep away from friends who were smoking cigarettes or builders, and alsokeep it away from the smoking area.
* Keep away from things that remind the desire to smoke such as lighters andcigarettes.
* Divert the desire to smoke with little food or sucking candy instead ofsmoking, every time it comes the desire to smoke.
* Forget the desire to smoke to multiply the activity, such as working,exercising, playing games, and so on.
* If you have difficulty to directly stop completely, start by reducing the number of cigarettes. For example, if before you smoke 12 sticks a day, cut into 10 bars, 6 bars and so on until you actually stop smoking.

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