5 Foods That Make Sleep Well

Sleep has become a routine of a human. As a result, sometimes we ourselves did not see it as an important activity. Though in poor sleep, a person becomes excited, weakness, drowsiness. Even result in diseases such as hypertension, stress, cancer, and obesity. Apparently sleep is so important to humans and health. For people with insomnia (difficulty sleeping), they will do things to get quality sleep. Well, here are five types of food that can make you sleep better.

1. CheeseChoose a soft cheese. These foods contain a perfect source of protein and amino acid tryptophan which can help you improve the quality of sleep. Casein proteins that exist in soft cheese will distribute amino acids into muscle tissue a few hours after you consume. Consumption of soft cheese with a tablespoon of natural almond butter. This will help you get a better break.2. OatmealMost people eat these foods at breakfast. As a result rarely seen as snacks for the night. Serotonin content of an existing fact in the oatmeal gives a calming effect and can reduce stress. Before you sleep, eat oatmeal mixed with apple slices, then add cinnamon and condensed milk. You'll definitely sleep better.3. Beans or Peanut ButterOther foods that can be consumed is peanuts or peanut butter natural. Nuts are a food source rich in niacin, a nutrient that is able to release serotonin from the body. But you must keep this food consumption in normal levels. Because nuts are high in fat and high calories. With a reasonable level, nuts can be a menu for the diet.4. Warm milkKnown to most people is a hot drink make more sense of calm. For the milk itself, not warm which gives such a calming effect, but the content of the amino acid tryptophan which is in milk. In addition, milk also contains calcium that is good. Calcium helps people organize the production of melatonin, a substance that naturally regulate human sleep-wake cycle. Drink warm milk with one tablespoon of honey, this will help there to feel calm also reduces stress.5. WineThis fruit contains the hormone melatonin helps you sleep. By consume wine regularly can help you organize your wake and sleep cycles naturally. This fruit also make you sleep more quickly each night.

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