Meditation is believed to be similar to a powerful medicine to overcome stress, depression and various chronic diseases.
This method is proved by a physician and a paragliding enthusiast Danni Penman. Some time ago, he admitted that he  fell from a height of 9 meters after sliding off the hills.
His legs were injured. One of the foot between the heel was detected to be lifted to the knee. In one part of the tibia was also seen broken.
“Line of the shin bone were sticking through the fabric of my jeans,” said Danni Penman to the Daily Mail.
Doctors say that three surgeries were needed to connect the bones. Each surgery can be carried out within a period of 18 months. “Obviously I was sad,” he said.
But Danni did not give up. For faster healing he routinely performed meditation for 30 minutes. This method was recommended by Mark Williams, a professor of clinical psychology at the University of Oxford.
Mark found that meditation can heal any disease quickly. A research on meditation was done by Mark for over 20 years and was released in the Journal of Clinical Psychology.
So what about the results of meditation Danni did? Danni’s fracture recovery went faster. It only took 17 weeks to undergo bone surgery stage.
Compared with the condition of ordinary people with no meditation which recovery takes about 18 months of each surgical removal of iron.

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