One Sneeze Can Transmit Flu

It only needs one sneeze from an infected person to spread flu germs in a room and the contamination of the flu virus can last for hours.
Flu is one of the most easiest and quickly transmitted disease. This is because it only takes one sneeze for the flu to spread the disease to others.
Researchers reveal small drops of coughs or sneeze from an infected person can float around the air in concentrations large enough to spread the disease. Therefore it is very easy for someone to contract flu if they are in the same room.
Breathing air containing influenza viruses from a room, plane, train or other public transport can infect people in just 1 hour from after the infected person sneezes.
Researchers from Virginia Tech, collected air samples from a health clinic waiting room, three treatment rooms and three cross-country flight. It is obtained that half of the air sample contain small droplets containing influenza virus.
“Given the concentration and amount of virus there is, then someone who breathe the air more than one hour is enough to induce an infection,” said Dr. Linsey Marr as the leader of the study, according to Dailymail
The results obtained are every one cubic meter of air contains an average of 16,000 flu virus particles, and the flu virus can survive in the air for hours. These results have been published in the Journal of the Royal Society Interface.
“Small aerosol virus survive in the air for days. In this case the flu virus in the air can be lost through mechanisms such as ventilation which usually takes one hour,” he said.
When someone cough,s generally they will issue a 3000 drop of saliva at speeds up to 50 mph, whereas if someone sneezes, it would contain 40,000 drops at speeds over 100 mph.

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