Noise Impact On Health

Noise is a sound or sounds which interfere. Noise can cause various disorders such as disorders of physiological, psychological disorders, communication disorders and deafness. There is a disorder characterized form of Auditory disorders, such as disruption of the hearing and non Auditory disorders such as communication failure, safety hazard, the decline in work performance, stress and fatigue. More detailed noise impact on the health of workers is described as follows: 

1. Physiological Disorders
In general, high-pitched noise is very annoying, especially when intermittent or the coming of a sudden. Disorders can include increased blood pressure (± 10 mmHg), increased pulse rate, constricting peripheral blood vessels, especially on the hands and feet, and can cause pale and sensory disorders.
High-intensity noise may cause dizziness / headaches. This is due to noisy situations can stimulate the vestibular receptors in the inner ear which will cause evek dizziness / vertigo. Feelings of nausea, insomnia and shortness of breath disbabkan by noise stimulation of the nervous system, balance organs, endocrine glands, blood pressure, digestive system and electrolyte balance.
2. Psychological Disorders
Psychological disorders can be discomfort, poor concentration, insomnia, and irritability. If the noise is received in a long time can cause psychosomatic illness in the form of gastritis, heart, stress, fatigue and others.
3. Communication Disorders
Communication failure is usually caused by masking effect (hearing sounds that cover the less obvious) or interference sound clarity. Communications talks should be done by shouting. This disorder causes disruption of the work, to the possibility of errors because they do not hear the signal or sign of danger. This communication failure is not directly endanger the safety of a person.
4. Balance Disorders
Very high noise can cause the impression of walking in space or drift, which can cause physiological disorders of dizziness (vertigo) or nausea.
5. Effect on hearing
The main influence of noise on health is damage to the sense of hearing, which causes progressive deafness and this effect has been known and widely accepted from a bygone era. At first the effect of noise on hearing loss is temporary and pemuliahan occur rapidly after work in noisy areas was stopped. However, when working continuously in the area of ​​noise there will be deaf and unable to settle back to normal, usually starting at a frequency of 4000 Hz and then widening kefrekuensi around and finally on the frequency that is usually used for conversation.

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