A Women’s Weight Can Add 7 Kilograms if She Dates

Romantic relationships are beneficial to mental health and happiness. But often love becomes one of the factors causing the body size to get larger.
According to a study by the obesity community, women who dates on average gain more weight as much as seven kilograms in five years. Those who live in happy marriages tend to increase weight eight kilograms in 10 years. And newly married couples will grow one kilogram in a few months.
“Changes in diet when together influence body weight,” says Lauren Antonucci, Director of the Nutrition Center of New York, according to Shape.
This happens because women do not require as much energy as a man. Thus, women tend to get fat faster when they are in a romantic relationships.
There are several tricks that can be done so that the body does not get fab because of the above factors, here they are:
Eat more slowly
When dating, many couples spend time with eating and drinking. We recommend that you begin to eat after your partner eats. When the dish arrived, tell him about something to make him begin to eat. Thus, your partner will eat first and you will tend not to rush to finish a meal in your own plate.
Consume filling appetizers
Choose low-calorie appetizers, like tuna tartare which is enough to fill the stomach until the main course arrives.
Set menu limits
You’ll tend to eat more when with a partner. So, set limits. Better order some drinks in glasses rather than bottles. If he orders a cup of ice cream after dinner, you should order a cup of tea or coffee.
‘Sweating’ dating
Meet in a different atmosphere, like during exercise. “The time for exercise will make you closer as well as feel better with your own body.” Antonucci said.
Light dating
Dating does not mean you should continue to be around food. Occasionally, date in the park and picnic with light snacks. It’s more fun.
Limit snacks in your kitchen
Avoid storing high-calorie foods that can be reached easily. Save chips, cookies, and candy in a cupboard which is difficult to reach. Instead provide healthy snacks that can be reached every time like yogurt and fruits.
Find support
If your partner does not support the diet plan, look for two people who supports your intention. Colleagues who can share healthy foods can divert attention from ice cream and other high-calorie foods. Your healthy lifestyle and the people around you will spread it around.

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