Accelerate Hair Growth

 It seemed eager to have long hair thick and strong in a relatively short time. However, in reality, our hair will only grow about 3 cm per month. Therefore, it is not uncommon for people to take a shortcut by doing hair extensions (hair connection). Is there another way?
Actually whether or not the growth of our hair depends on several factors, such as genetic, health conditions, and how well we take care of us the crown. We may not get long hair in just one night, but at least there are several ways to speed up the process of growth:
1. Use essential oils like lavender, basil, nettle and lemon. Apply a few drops of essential oils only one was using a pipette on our scalp. Massage gently on the entire section of hair and scalp, then leave overnight. In the morning, we just wash and rinse until clean.
2. Rule 8 glasses of water every day will make our skin and hair become more healthy and beautiful. Getting enough water intake does not directly will make hair grow faster, but the body is well hydrated will be able to prevent the threat of branched hairs. That means we do not have to straighten hair (trimming) regularly and the hair can grow without "interference".
3. Exercising regularly can increase the blood circulation system throughout the entire body, including the scalp. The better the circulation of our blood, we know the more blood and nutrients are supplied to the hair follicles.
4. Combing your hair properly. Use a brush with natural boar bristle brush to smooth and soft on the hair and scalp us. Combing can stimulate oil production process that served to lubricate the scalp hair and scalp us. If we include the type of hair is oily, avoid brushing too often because it just makes our hair more oily.
5. Keep hair and scalp. Get used to wash our hair regularly to remove all dirt, dust, and oil deposits that accumulate in our hair. Shampooing can clean the dirt that clog pores in the scalp that can inhibit hair growth. In addition, the shampoo massage is also a good activity on the scalp to stimulate and provide a way to grow new hair with ease.
6. Increase your intake of protein will help your hair grow faster. While foods containing saturated fat can slow down the natural growth of hair. Foods such as eggs, yogurt, almonds, cashews, and milk, is a good source of protein to support hair growth. Then we can also optimize by incorporating foods containing vitamins A, B, C, E, zinc, and iron (such as beef, spinach, yogurt, and fish) in our daily menu. 


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