Dangers of Contact Lenses for Eye Health

For fashion and appearances, many young people tries to look stylish by using colored contact lenses. The lens that is originally used as an alternative for eye disorders, are now easy to apply and sold freely. However, recent studies have concluded that contact lenses that can be freely bought and sold have bad effect for the user. Especially when purchased without a prescription. According to Genius Beauty, contact lenses on the market do not take into account special qualifications for the prospective user. Often, the contact lenses are not adapted to the size of the eye and  can result in reduced oxygen to the eye. “If the eye does not get oxygen, it can lead to damage to blood vessels inside the eye and can affect eyesight,” said Professor in the Department of Clinical Ophthalmology at the Indiana University School of Medicine, Melanie Pickett. Whats worse, according to her, when the eye has an infection, contact lens users can lose vision in the next 24 hours. Pickett suggest to not use contactlenses without consulting your doctor first. 

Sources http://medicmagic.net/dangers-of-contact-lenses-for-eye-health.html

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