how to Maintain Fitness For The Busy

A health expert in the United States declared that the exercise is not as dangerous as smoking. So, if for health reasons you have stopped smoking, for the same reasons of physical activity what have you done?
Many people who live and work in a big city feel that sports programming is a mammoth burden of a very difficult place. Starting from time, cost, up to a big city environment that is not sports-friendly. Meanwhile, ACSM (American College of Sports Medicine) since 1998 has established that physical activity per week are recommended for healthy adults in order to maintain health and fitness including aerobic exercise 3-5 days, 2-3 strength training sessions, and 2 - 3 sessions flexibility exercises. For busy people like you, how to 
implement these recommendations?

For you who do not have much time, here are examples of "mini-exercise" for fitness. The principle of this exercise is to increase the intensity in order to reduce the time / duration required to complete a workout.
Aerobic Exercise for Endurance (Endurance) Heart-LungBrisk walking, running, bicycling (stationary or regular bike), and swimming are examples of exercises that involve almost all the major muscles, which can stimulate the heart. If your time is limited, then try to implement them with high enough intensity whenever you have time. The intensity of exercise can be improved by increasing the speed of running / biking / swimming, although this way contain a substantial risk of possible injury to muscles and joints. To prevent injury, required heating (warming-up) are highly optimized. Another option is to "sort out" the exercise into two parts, the majority held the morning and partly implemented the afternoon / evening.
Muscle Strength ExerciseOne technique is to perform strength training by using a very light load and repeated as soon as possible (repetition maximum) for 30 seconds. After resting for ± 30 seconds, the practice continued in the same way to other muscles. Overall optimal muscle strength exercises involving the 8-10 types of exercises for the muscles of the body. Things to note in this exercise is that if you have not trained, then the rest periods between sets of exercises should be extended. However, to train the muscle strength you have to remember that gradually break period should be reduced, and at the right time load plus generation.
Flexibility exercisesFlexibility is obtained by performing a variety of stretching exercises, which can be done anywhere and in any position. Stretching can be done standing or sitting, and various objects can be used as training aids, such as walls, chairs, cabinets, etc..
But if you have not been able to do complete the exercise, following a variety of creative ways to spur you perform the exercise:

1. Use the stairs as much as possible and avoid the elevator and the elevator. As a variation, skip two steps at a time, or speeding up your pace.
2. Walk as much as you can. Many ways you can do, for example by a vehicle parked some distance away from the goal, and avoid shopping in the drive-through. If you move your goods, do not do as well so you have to walk back and forth. When shopping or looking for items, go quickly so you may not see the item you are looking for, which means that you need to walk back and forth. Eliminating the remote control is also a good idea.
3. Start doing hobbies that require body movements, such as gardening or woodworking. Or do various household activities such as sweeping, mopping (be more effective if done without the handle), window cleaning, etc.. In addition to good add exercise period, of course, you will quickly crowned as the male role model.
4. Playing with the kids (not the same with respect to children who are playing).
5. Come dance lessons. Salsa is becoming the trend of today's lifestyles, so you will gain a double advantage by skillful dancing. Once you start living an active, try to increase your physical activity, so that the level of physical fitness is maintained.

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