The Caring For Always Looks Beautiful Nails

There are many simple ways that we can do yourself to make your nails always look beautiful without having to go to the salon for a manicure. Consider the following tips that may be useful in the treatment of your nails are beautiful.
- Use a cuticle cream
You can use a special cream for nail cuticle which can be found at the cosmetics store. Cream contains vitamin E which is very good for your nails. Massage your nails using the cream every night before bed. Guaranteed, your nails more beautiful and shiny.

- Put the body or hand cream on the skin near the kitchen, and put on after washing hands or dishes

- Better to wear gloves when you do housework or gardening, and rub your hands with body or hand moisturizer before loading them into the gloves.

- Apply olive oil on your nails whenever you have time to strengthen it.

- Put enough calcium and vitamin D in your diet daily to strengthen nails.

- Before doing the dirty work, such as dusting or gardening, first plug the nail into the soap bar. It is useful to prevent dirt embedded in the nail and also makes it easier to clean.

- To create solid paint last a long time, when about to bathe soften with a little cream on the skin.

- If your nails brittle and easily broken or torn, make the nails stay moist.

Do not Do

- Do not use nails to do the work that can only be done scissors, such as repeal straples.

- Do not cut your nails short if you have.

- Never cut your cuticles with scissors.

- Do not wash clothes or equipment with hot water.

- Do not mengigiti nails.


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