Why Alcohol Are More Dangerous For Women

Many people say that women are affected by alcohol more quickly than men. Besides getting drunk faster than men, women are also more susceptible to diseases related to alcohol. But actually, alcohol is metabolized by the liver at similar levels in both sexes. Although many people think women get drunk more quickly because of their small stature and carry more fat, actually it is not the right reasons.
The real reason is that they store less water in their bodies. A man are usually composed of 65 percent water while in women only 55 percent.“Alcohol is absorbed into the blood and then taken into the water in the cell. Because women’s bodies have less water than men’s, their blood concentration have higher alcohol content after consuming the same amount.” said Dr Marsha Morgan, from University College London Medical School, according to DailyMail. So a woman’s liver is not more sensitive to alcohol than men’s liver, but the concentration of alcohol that reaches the liver of a woman would be very much higher, and their liver will damage much faster. If a man and woman of the same weight are given the same dose of alcohol, blood alcohol levels in women will be about a third higher. Dr Morgan said that the increasing incidence of young women reporting liver problems may reflect the fact that the drinking patterns of women have become like men.

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